Thursday, March 13, 2008

My big goals

I started thinking about how many really big goals a person can have in life and I was surprised when I discovered that there weren't very many. Here are some of mine:

The House

A nice house is probably on everyone's want list. I have a list of features that I must have in my dream house. They are:
  1. A one-floor plan.
  2. A bedroom that is at least 400 square feet.
  3. With a huge walk-in closet
  4. A master bathroom with a whirlpool tub for two.
  5. Two other bathrooms minimum
  6. Three other bedrooms minimum (1 at least 300 square feet)
  7. A huge laundry room with plenty of space for detergents, folding clothes, etc....
  8. A library with comfortable lounge chairs and lots of books!
  9. A meeting room. (Sort of like a conference room - with a projector, white board, etc....)
  10. Personal offices for my wife and I.
  11. A Solarium to drink the morning coffee in all year 'round.
  12. An exercise room with about 500 square feet and all the trimmings (mirrored walls, weights, machines, etc....)
  13. An in-ground swimming pool (in-doors would be even better!)
  14. It must be extremely efficient (Solar powered?, heavily insulated, heat pump, etc....)
  15. It must have a humidifier built-in to the heating and cooling system.
  16. A large kitchen with a buffet-length island.
  17. A large dining room which comfortably seats about 15 people for those holiday gatherings.
  18. A 3-car garage
  19. Lots of Storage space


Not taking medicine for any health problems
Being my ideal weight
Maybe even being athletic (muscle toning and cardiovascular).


Being debt-free (including the mortgage) - No Payments!
Cool cars, trucks, boats, and other toys.
Having a large emergency fund though losing my job wouldn't be a problem since I wouldn't have one.
Large amounts of investment cash making me a comfortable living.
Buying what I want, when I want.
Eating out at our favorite restaurants.
Giving money away to church, charities, family, friends and even complete strangers (wouldn't that be cool?)


Constantly increasing my knowledge of the world, people and God so that I am forever stimulated by life. Sounds corny, but hey, it's my goal!


Helping others achieve their dreams through gifts, education and just being a supportive friend.
Helping my community by giving back through volunteer time and donations, especially to the local library.

That's about it

Ok, so those are some pretty big goals, but my point is, there is not a lot of them. Several of these are fueled by achieving the wealth goal. Have I mentioned Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover?

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