Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Ultimate Habit

The Ultimate Habit is to create new positive habits or break old negative habits every 30 days. Today I will be showing you some of my system for achieving all my goals. I will warn you, however, that this system is a work-in-progress and I don't consider it done by any means.

I wanted a master system that would force me to do all the things I needed to do on a daily basis to achieve all my goals and keep me from quitting. I use what I have called a Weekly Habit Worksheet. Here is an illustration of one similar to the one I use:

As you can see I list all of my daily tasks in the order they will happen and I have check boxes under the day(s) they should happen. Every line item is a habit that I want to perform on a regular basis.

They are not always daily habits. For example I only trim my nails, beard, ears and nose once a week. Ears and Nose? Yeah, I'm getting old.

Just about every item has been forgotten at one time or another before using the Habit Worksheet. Some weren't being done at all, like the trimming of the ears and nose. (Eewww!)

Now I remember to do everything on every day and it keeps me focused on doing the mundane little things that just make life a little better as well as the monumental goals I have set for myself. After viewing it you may ask how it keeps me working on really big goals. It really doesn't list out things a person might be trying to accomplish like building wealth, increasing education or losing weight. The Habit Worksheet is only one document in a complete system. Other documents I use include:

A goals list which is viewed when I Review OneNote Goals (W, M, Q). W=Weekly, M=Monthly and Q=Quarterly in case you were wondering. OneNote is a Microsoft product that is really cool! Click the link to check it out. All of the documents I list here are in OneNote and get reviewed when I do this one habit.

A Planning Calendar which shows upcoming appointments, birthdays, and events.

My weight management plan which is super simple and working very well. I'll blog on this later.

My vehicle maintenance plan. I also have habits to check mileage on our vehicles every Saturday. I can then schedule routine maintenance when needed. I have a separate entry for my wife's Jeep because she leaves early for work on Saturday mornings so I check the mileage before she leaves the house.

I have an ideas list. I review this when I do the Review cell phone recordings habit. My cell phone has a voice recorder and I'm constantly recording an idea when it pops into my head. I place these ideas into my ideas list. I have a one hour commute and am often thinking of new blog posts when I'm not listening to an audiobook.

My financial plan which is really Dave Ramsey's financial plan. I do have some tips and stuff that I list to help squeeze out every dollar while doing my six baby steps of the Total Money Makeover. I am now constantly challenging our budget and habits to see how I can speed up my makeover. I'll blog some of these things in a later post.

So I have processes and plans in place to

  1. Be my ideal weight (and stay there for good this time!)
  2. Be safe, debt-free and then mega-rich
  3. Be a great father, husband, relative, in-law, friend and employee (and eventually business owner/employer)
  4. Be generous and help others
  5. Hopefully go to Heaven when it's all over

If life is worth living then it's worth living with Excellence. Whether you live it with excellence is entirely up to you. Have a great day!

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dan said...

Have you seen / heard of Joe's Goals ( It's an online (free) app that lets you track stuff like this.

It also has a free widget that you can put on your blog or such to give yourself universal accountability